The mountains

corna Blacca
rifugio Tita Secchi
Lago d'Idro and its mountains offer walking excursions of all lengths and levels of difficulty, from easy paths for amateur mountain goers to more demanding routes for committed hikers. The paths that start from Lago d'Idro are mostly narrow and steep, but the panoramas they offer are so wonderful you hardly notice the hard work of climbing. The most popular paths are: the "Waterfalls" path that starts in the village of Crone (370 ml and climbs up to the summit of Perlè at 1031 m; the path up "Dosso Sassello" (1006 ml along a very panoramic route connecting the villages of Pieve Vecchia (370 m) and Anfo (370 m): the "Smugglers" path (400 m) which contours the north eastern and wildest shore of the lake and is the only connection between the villages of Vesta (370 m) and Baitoni (370 m). Half an hour's drive along the provincial road towards Passo Crocedomini (1985 m), through the mountains lying north east of the lake, brings you to Gaver (1511 m), a well known skiing resort in winter and a paradise for walkers from spring to autumn. From the Piana del Gaver you can reach alpine lakes and huts along strikingly beautiful paths. The favourites include the walks to Lago della Vacca near the Rifugio Tita Secchi (2362 m) and to the lakes of Bruffione (1888 m).
There are other fantastic outings in nearby Trentino, in particular in Val di Daone only 45 minutes drive from Lago d'Idro, up to the Val di Fumo hut (1995 m), a walk popular with all the family not only because of the easy path but above all for the beauty of the landscape. And these are just a few of the countless excursions available in the immediate vicinity of Lago d'Idro, all clearly waymarked and easily reached in a few minutes drive. The same applies to mountain biking with the difference that there is no need for a car. The roads that leave from the lake regularly intersect paths and old gravel mule tracks, providing mixed circuits of different lengths, and long enough to satisfy the most demanding cyclists. Particularly recommended is the route on the west side of the lake, above Anfo (370 ml. which from Passo Baremonene (1450 m) and the subsequent Passo Maniva (1669 m) goes al] the way to Passo Crocedomini (19115 m) before returning to Lago d'Idro through the characteristic village of Bagolino (778 m). Or the route to the south and east of the lake which from Lemprato (370 m) links up Treviso Bresciano (681 m), Capovalle (937 m), and Bondone (693 m). Particularly demanding and rewarding are the high altitude routes (around 1800 m), all on gravel tracks, in the mountains between Val del Chiese and Valle del Caffaro. Again, these are just a few examples of the many possibilities for mountain biking around Lago d'Idro. There are also "vie ferrate", for adults and children.
mucche al pascolo
The via ferrata above Casto is very popular, 15 km from Lago d'Idro. The Casto via ferrata is a ring circuit and takes about three hours to complete. There are sections of medium difficulty and a few difficult sections regularly interrupted by easy paths which permit simple and quick escape back to the starting point if necessary. There are also two very exciting Tibetan bridges and particularly interesting is the "Stretta di Luina" section, a natural canyon carved into the rock that leads you into a fantastic hidden world where you have to negotiate manoeuvres just above the water surface, always enclosed between the two walls of the canyon that rise up dozens of metres above: a truly spectacular situation!