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From B&B to fort of Valledrane

B&B l'Ariosa, forte di Valledrane, Sanatorio, San Liberale
  • 2 hours
  • a.4 Km.
  • 180 m of elevation
spiedo alla bresciana
Easy and interesting loop route that will take you to the most important monument in Treviso Bresciano: the fort of Valledrane (810 m), built above the homonymous mount by the Italian Government on 1908 and filled with artillery troops in order to protect the borders.
Starting from the Ariosa you will walk uphill for 50 meters, until you reach the intersection with via Sesa (tricolor sign and horse trail indication).
You will then turn right and still walk upward: when you leave the next two houses behind you, you will find an unpaved trail on your left that goes uphill through the woods. You will proceed going more and more uphill, until you get to a crossroad, where you will take the steep path on the left (tricolor sign and horse trail indication). You will follow it for about 150 meters until you get to a meadow right in front of the imposing fort of Valledrane. After you walk around the fort following the unpaved path, from the same meadow you will go downhill towards the old sanatorium of Valledrane, where the road is paved.
Following this road you will get to the little church of San Liberale, where you will turn left and will walk downhill along the provincial road for Treviso.