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Croce di Perlè

spiedo alla bresciana
This is a ring shaped route that starts at the landing stage for ferry boats in Crone, Idro. This route is characterized in its first part by a gorge carved by the Neco torrent, and then it reaches the top of Mt. Croce di Perle, from which one’s look can cover the entire lake, crowned by the mountains that sorround it.
Starting from the ferry dock of Crone you proceed on the right towards the gas station: before reaching it, you head for the town center taking Via 4 Novembre (an uphill road on your left). At the next crossroad you walk under a portico, an old medieval gate for the fishermen borough. After taking the first road on your right at the crossing you have to immediately take the one on your left, Via della Conciliazione, and you will then walk towards the provincial road SP58 that will take to Capovalle: proceeding straight towards Località Coste you will find the first sign that shows the road to follow on the right. The trail continues on the left of the first waterfall; inside the gorge you will have the possibility to walk over 5 footbridges that will let you admire the tortuous flow of the Neco Torrent before it reaches the lake.
You may find the pothole carved by the Neco Torrent above the first waterfall particularly interesting.
After you leave the footbridges behind you will keep on following the red and white sign until you will reach the route for Fobbia just above the last waterfalls.
You will reach a pass with precise indications that show you the way for Croce di Perle Peak. From there, you will have to go back to the pass, where you will follow the indications for Vantone, going towards Meghé malga. Now, following a beautiful (and slightly downhill) trail through a forest full of beech and hornbeam trees, you will get to Cocca d’Idro. You’ll find a crossroad, where you will just follow the road to Crone di Idro. You will then find the road signs for the Cima Crench route that will take you back to Cocca d’Idro. Going downhill you will find the paved road for Idro. At the first hairpin turn you will then leave the road to take the trail through the woods; following the red and white signs you will get back to the startin